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Rootstock is committed to producing strong, sustainable, cost-efficient solutions. Our focus is on helping families navigate the many complex facets of wealth management, from planning to coordination to execution. Think of us as your personal CFO. We stay abreast of the financial world so you can enjoy your freedom. Our diligence allows us to adequately arrange for your family goals, estate plans, income tax preparations, insurance needs, investments, and other financial-related issues. By collaborating with your advisors, we develop, implement, and monitor a comprehensive plan for your family. This solutions-focused oversight and execution plays a critical role in helping you and your family ensure your security far into the future.

Our Services

Investment Management

Finding the right investment program requires insight, patience, discipline. We take the time to meet with you and build a solid foundation by exploring your personal and financial objectives. Only then can we create the investment program uniquely suited to your family’s needs and goals.

Wealth Planning & Coordination

Rootstock will help you devise and implement an appropriate investment plan. We manage the program with a careful eye toward your overall balance sheet and provide you with detailed financial reports, including tax information, cash flow analyses, and annual structural reviews.

Income Tax Oversight

While Rootstock doesn’t provide compliance services, we do provide annual tax forecasts. Because of our ongoing investment advice, we know better than anyone how your tax situation is impacted by investment decisions. We work closely with your other advisors to ensure proper coordination across your balance sheet.

Estate Coordination

Working with your attorney, Rootstock provides proactive advice on estate planning and gifting programs. We also make sure you’re aware how changes in tax law may impact your plan.

Insurance Evaluation & Oversight

Insurance is an important component in protecting and preserving wealth, and the cost of poor planning can be substantial. We help our clients understand asset risk and liquidity. With that understanding in place, we can find the most effective and affordable insurance solutions.

Cash Flow Management

We monitor your cash needs and investment programs annually to ensure you’re covered without sacrificing optimal returns. We also provide detailed cash flow reports to review with you to plan for your upcoming needs.

Philanthropic Planning

Rootstock works with you to determine appropriate giving programs. For large donors, we work closely with your tax advisors to plan out major gifts to maximize deductibility.

Family Governance and Education Planning

Outstanding financial guidance depends on wealth owners understanding their responsibilities. At Rootstock, we recognize that financial education and establishing family values are critical to helping future generations preserve and build wealth. As such, we’ve partnered with firms that specialize in this area to create customized plans that work for your family.

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